8 World-Class Companies using Python for Software Development

Python for Software Development

Python is a very popular support language for software developers that offers an open-source environment and enhanced process control capabilities. It also helps in developing complex multi-protocol network applications by its simple and understandable syntax. Python framework for software development is by far the best choice. It reduces the code run time and total work hours by providing complete interpreted code packages.

Python’s developer-friendly attributes are easy to learn, write, and read. The demand to hire Python developers is rising every day. Python libraries for software development and support communities are continuously growing. Some of the industry giants use Python for software development for build control, management, testing, automation, and many other ways.

In this article, we will highlight 8 world-class companies that use Python in their technology stack.

8 World-Class Companies using Python for Software Development

Python has been consistently proving to be an all-rounder programming language. It provides solutions to several challenges faced by businesses. Its applications include but are not limited to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, number-crunching in Statistics, development, and processing and analyzing databases.

The Python IDE for software development is perfect for dynamic applications. Python application examples include image processing, data analysis, web scraping, scientific computing, and many more.

Here are 8 companies that use Python for its product requirements -

1) Google

Peter Norvig says Python has been an integrated part of Google since the beginning. As the system evolves, they look forward to hire Python developers today. Google has an array of online services which include Search, Youtube, Android, and more.

Given the high scalability for this industry giant, its technology stack involves Python, Java, and Goland. Among these languages, Python gets more support from its engaging network of Python libraries for Software Development.

The simple and consistent nature of Python allows rapid development in the language. The services that come as a product of Python in Google include the implementation of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and robotic projects.

2) Facebook

The revolutionary social media platform, Facebook has evolved brilliantly over the past years. The most evident reason behind it can be given to its adoption of Python in its technology stack along with C++ and PHP. Facebook is also one of the top contributors of the Python frameworks network.

Facebook provides the platform with bug fixes and performance-related features. Some of the Python packages used by Facebook, application-wise are:

Platform Services: Job Engine, fbpkg, Osmosis, FBTFTP

Operational Efficiency: MySQL Pool Scanner, Slowroll Orchestrator

Service Configuration Management: Configerator

Production Engineering: TORconfig, FBOSS, Cyborg, macchinechecker, FBAR

3) Instagram

What started as a platform for sharing photos and videos, Instagram, now has taken over to be the most active social media platform. It used Python to optimal operational efficiency with the help of Django, a famous Python framework for software development.

Instagram is known to be the largest implementation of Django to date, thereby, making Python IDE for software development a perfect choice. The programmers at Instagram prefer Python over PHP as their baseline programming language due to its simplicity and reliability of its frameworks. This industry competitor looks forward to improving Instagram’s web services and increasing its scalability using Python.

4) Netflix

The popular video streaming platform, Netflix, has deeply incorporated Python for its development and operations. Netflix relies on Python to power up its data analysis on the server-side. Netflix’s software engineers and programmers are allowed to use the programming language of their choice, and Python has seen a large spike in numbers.

The programmers’ reliance on the language comes from Python’s standard libraries, the active development community, and the superior quality of outsourced libraries. The application of Python for software dev is found in many domains in the development of Netflix; Central Alert Gateway uses the RESTful web app processes.

It helps Netflix in removing redundant or duplicate alerts and performs automated solutions. Another domain of Netflix where Python is well put to use with monkey apps to track security changes and user history. Other applications using Python frameworks include Security that test the system reliability and plan recovery measures for the same. Data Analysis is well put to use with Python libraries such as NumPy, SciPy for arithmetic data analysis.

5) Amazon

One of the leading marketplace giants, Amazon uses Python for software development in several areas of its platform. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Amazon studies the customers’ buying habits and turns them into products and deals recommendations.

Amazon deals with voluminous complex data and the same is dealt with Python. It offers high scalability and seamless working with other technologies in the stack. Machine Learning and automation are also used in AWS resources by Amazon.

6) Spotify

Spotify uses over 6000 individual Python processes that work together over the nodes of the Hadoop cluster. This leading music streaming platform has one of the finest machine learning and automated recommendations as reviewed by its users. It uses Python for a variety of applications, ranging from primary data analysis to backend operation services.

The backend services use Python’s open-source framework of ZeroMQ. Spotify uses Python for its chosen language for services because of the speedy development pipeline of Python codes. The latest application of Python by Spotify was gevent, to provide a fast event loop with a high-level synchronous API. Spotify’s exceptional search recommendations can be attributed to Luigi, a Python module to analyze the voluminous data of its users.

7) Uber

Uber is the first choice of passenger rides across many countries in the world. It uses Python along with Node.js, Java, and Go as the languages in its technology stack. Uber also uses Tornado with Python to achieve throughput in terms of concurrency. It also develops frameworks with the support of Python, R, and Shiny for all its data analysis tasks.

However, most of the user services at Uber are powered by Python which includes business logic and calculations; calculating ETA, ride fares, maintaining demand and supply of vehicles, calculating geo-locations while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

8) Dropbox

The cloud-based storage, Dropbox, uses Python as its lifeline behind all its operations. The online file-sharing and storage company powers most of its services and its desktop with Python. The programmers at Dropbox confirm that most of their server-side coding is written using Python.

They integrate with multiple Python libraries for software development on both Windows and macOS to provide a uniform user experience.



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