11 Python Frameworks for Web Development
11 Python Frameworks for Web Development

Python is arguably one of the best programming languages. Recently, it surpassed Java in popularity. In part, the language owes its success to the dynamic and best web frameworks that make Python development possible.

Google Search Trends for 2019 placed Python as the second most sought language on the Internet. The demand for Python development services is growing. Python is on the way to become the top programming language.

Today, Python web programming is in huge demand. While web development with Python is compelling too, two primary reasons make Python worth the while — Scalability and Machine Learning.

Being a…

top software development companies in Indai and USA
top software development companies in Indai and USA

Today, enterprises need powerful technical solutions to digitize their operations. The result is a high demand for custom software development. Efficient, affordable, and high-performing software is becoming a necessity. Whether it’s an enterprise dashboard or payroll management system, custom software development services provide complete IT solutions.

Finding the right software development company can be a challenge. There are thousands of software solutions companies. Each of them specializes in different skills. There are Ruby on Rails software development companies, Python software development companies, and more. Once you know the technology, finding an IT partner becomes easy.

This article will offer a…

customized software types and examples
customized software types and examples

Statista estimates that the enterprise application spending in 2021 will amount to $599 billion. These big numbers showcase the importance of digitization for organizations. And the first step towards that is a customized software.

Custom software development has taken center stage in the web & mobile application industry — mostly because it meets specific requirements. Today, companies prefer custom software solutions that can deliver on their expectations.

What advantage does customized software have over off-the-shelf? Pre-built software limits the company as they have to operate within the set functionalities. For example, an off-the-shelf software may offer Sack integration, but what…

Ruby on Rails is a powerful web development framework. Known for its flexibility, it powers 3,903,258 websites globally. Ruby on Rails development speeds up the process of build web applications. It is so efficient that a Ruby on Rails developer can build an app 25% to 40% faster as compared to other frameworks.

Around 2.1% (21,034) of the top 1 million websites use Ruby on Rails. The framework is a masterpiece for developing web applications in every industry. Whether it’s healthcare or automobile, Rails brings the next level of dynamism to every application.

Django web development
Django web development

With the popularity of Python, Django web development has become mainstream. It is a “batteries included” framework, which enables developers to build any type of static or dynamic web application.

Django is the 2nd most popular web development framework after Laravel. Known for its scalability, Django is the framework that serves in the technology stack of giants like Google, Instagram, and Netflix. Since these companies work extensively with Python web development services, they are seamlessly integrating Django in their applications.

But why does everyone love Django? One of the biggest use cases of Django development solutions is in the enterprise…

Outsourcing company
Outsourcing company

Reports suggest that by 2025, the global IT outsourcing market will reach $397.6 billion. Any business outsources its product development for three major reasons — reducing costs, scaling the existing software, or accessing diverse talents. But these are not all. Today, outsourcing strategies provide an array of growth opportunities.

The biggest challenge companies face today is a lack of resources. Innovative products require skilled professionals. But that requires a budget — and economies of scale are the priority for every company. All of these problems are bound in a loop, which an outsourcing company helps to resolve.

A successful outsourcing…

Sources estimate that 90% of enterprises will have a hybrid cloud storage and operations model by the end of 2022.. It is estimated to reach over $60 billion as compared to $28 billion in 2019.

Hybrid cloud saw a massive upsurge during the pandemic. The technology ensures you have access to the private cloud for better data security and the public cloud for resource sharing. The hybrid cloud data sharing model helps overcome multiple challenges without visiting the physical data centre.

One industry that will experience hybrid cloud benefits is banking. IDC’s 2020 CloudPath Survey reports that 89% of banks…

According to Statista, Netflix has 207.4 million subscribers by the first quartter of 2021. During the pandemic, the on-demand streaming platform became the first choice for people staying at home. Binge-watching became a priority, and Netflix became the #1 app — even when there were competitors like Amazon Prime, HBO, Hotstar, and others. What led to this rise?

Many experts attribute this success to the pandemic. But many people understand that it was the Netflix digital disruption that hooked people to the platform. Accumulating paying subscribers is already a hassle. How did Netflix manage to increase its paid subscribers by…

Python Good for Software Development
Python Good for Software Development

In June 2021, Python was the second most popular programming language. It saw a growth of 3.48% in adoption in the same month. Python development is perfect for complex applications while maintaining simple code. Do you know who uses Python? Giants like Google, Spotify, Instagram, Redditt, Netflix — amongst others.

Python would inevitably become the future of programming. Why? Because it has heavy applications in Machine Learning. 31% of developers use the language for ML solutions. On the other hand, a massive 50% of developers use it for data analytics.

Python reduces the total development time because of its built-in…

Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Store development
Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Store development

eCommerce store revenues are expected to touch $6 billion by the year 2022, statista estimates. With people focusing on convenient purchase decisions, eCommerce is becoming a game changer. More people are moving towards online shopping due to the ease and reduction in the purchase price.

Shopify platform is a popular choice for building an eCommerce site. It offers complete flexibility and scalability to stores for delivering an engaging online experience. The platform claims to have over 300,000 million active online stores.


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