7 Unbeatable Advantages of Using Java for Mobile App Development

5 min readMar 21, 2023

In today’s modern world, the significance of mobile development is undeniable. The rising need for effective and easy-to-use mobile applications has urged developers to search for the most exceptional programming language capable of providing optimal outcomes. Among the various options, Java for mobile development is the most popular. This object-oriented programming language makes app development scalable, adaptable, and reliable. Android has over 3 billion active users globally, with giants like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo using it.

Java is worth considering when you are developing high-quality and interactive apps. Let’s find out why it is quite famous among mobile app developers.

Why Java Proves Advantageous for Android App Development?

  1. Open-source Language
  • There is an amazing collection of open-source libraries and frameworks in Java, making it cost-effective and helping to speed up the procedure. The object orientation helps it to function on Android devices using the Java Virtual Machine. Java is a high-level programming language that can be translated using translators and assemblers. Java developers can easily read, write, and maintain this language. It is renowned for coding cross-platform apps, which makes it dominant in the mobile app development market.

2. Builds Robust and Secure Mobile App

  • Users need a reliable mobile app that secures their private and confidential information. Java offers robustness and reliability, a must for android app development that helps tests the potential early errors. The compilers can recognize issues that can occur during the first-time execution of the apps.
  • Moreover, the compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment in Java is developed, keeping the security factor in mind. The robustness features make Java for mobile development secure, capable, and easy.

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3. Wider Community Support

  • Java programming language has a strong community because of its seniority and popularity. Android app developers get access to deep knowledge, modern tools, frameworks, and libraries. It helps customize and enhance the mobile app development process for creating an innovative mobile experience.
  • Businesses get enterprise-level development because of the access to the expertise of highly qualified Java developers. The Android app developers can collaborate and use public guides, frameworks, and tools to get most of the community support.

4. Develop High-level Apps

  • The compatibility with other programming languages makes Java an extendable and adaptable mobile app development language. It can build high-level apps work with an extended Android SDK development kit.
  • The powerful programming language speeds up the development process. Using Java for mobile application development gives developers access to default design patterns and architectural neutrality. You can write the Android code once and, for execution, optimize the native code and compile it for better performance. The versatility, flexibility, and community support help developers develop high-quality apps.

5. Reduction in the Development Cost

  • Java application development helps with higher performance of the apps and encourages lower investments. The Java development cost depends on various factors like customization, functionality, resources required, and the hourly rate charged by the development team.
  • Another reason for the lower development cost for Java is the availability of community support, and it is an open-source language.
  • It makes mobile development in Java cost-effective, highly profitable, and highly available. Java is similar to human language, which makes it a high-level programming language.
  • Moreover, a reputed Java development company, BoTree Technologies, will build high-performing Android apps with lower investment. We have a digitally sound ecosystem to transform the mobile app development scenario.

6. Platform Independent

  • Java is a platform-independence programming language and is fit to use over various operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS. It makes Java a perfect choice for Android app development. Since 1990, Java has gained popularity across all mobile app development platforms.
  • Java mobile application development becomes easier because the developers have to write the code once and run it anywhere in real-time. This independent nature has made Java a highly demanded-technology in recent times.

7. Develop Scalable and Versatile Apps

  • Java for mobile app development is versatile and scalable because it supports dynamic coding and multi-security features. It offers robust and adaptable customized solutions to cater to the business need of mobile app development companies.
  • By entrusting the development of mobile applications using Java, developers receive maximum knowledge that helps them to make profitable and informed decisions. The robust set of tools and frameworks helps you build real-world mobile apps with fewer bugs. You receive high-end security.

Java for Mobile Development: Tools and Frameworks Available

Develop mobile apps using Java with the help of these modern tools and frameworks.

  • Spring: This top-notch framework helps with web and mobile app development, design, and deployment. Developers can fire up the apps without using an actual web server. It is compatible with XML configurations.
  • Jenkins: This open-source automation server offers several plugins to support the building, deploying, and automating the Java app development projects. It has an extended plugin architecture to drive, build, test, and deploy the apps.
  • Struts: This framework belongs to the Apache foundation. It is free, open-source, and has an MVC framework to create modern and elegant Java applications.
  • Docker: It is an essential tool to support enterprise application development projects. This container platform helps to build, manage, and secure, versatile applications. Developers can launch the application from Windows or Mac toolbar.
  • GWT: This Java framework is an open-source Google Web Toolkit to develop front-end applications. It is developer-friendly, supports a range of APIs, enables code reusability, etc.

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Professional Java Developers can Help Create Your Next Application!

Java is one of the oldest and most reliable programming languages to build cross-platform code for applying it on varied operating systems. Java for mobile development helps develop feature-rich, innovative, secure, adaptable, and reliable mobile apps. Developers create robust and scalable android apps that provide a user-friendly experience.

Moreover, the community support from the developers is the icing on the cake because Java is an open-source language. Get connected with the right mobile app development company to get your dream project onboard!

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