AI in the Manufacturing Sector: Unlocking Its Impact

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The manufacturing landscape is changing with robots working in the factory set-up. The use of AI in the manufacturing sector has given rise to streamlining factory operations in real time. AI’s use will help in process automation, improve product yield, predict market requirements easily, and help with quality inspection. A Deloitte report shows 93% of companies use AI to increase manufacturing industry growth. The AI and ML in manufacturing will generate about 1812 PB of data annually. Moreover, the market size of AI in the manufacturing sector will reach $2 billion by 2025.

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AI-powered manufacturing solutions streamline the decision-making process globally, with large companies and SMEs investing in AI technology. Let us now walk you through the top AI in manufacturing examples and use cases that will help you to reduce costs and increase productivity.

What are the Top Use Cases of AI in the Manufacturing Sector?

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world with its wider application in the manufacturing industry and many other industries. There are versatile use cases of AI in manufacturing that business executives can explore. It will provide a massive shift in the way advancements will be made.

  • Use Of Robotic Process Automation
  • You can be a top manufacturing company or an SME, and the RPA will help you in the back office and the front lines of production. It will help handle repetitive tasks, high volume of data, industry calculations, maintenance of records, etc. There is no need to enter the data manually, as the steps can be automated, which will help save time and labor.
  • Warehouse Management
  • Another use case of artificial intelligence in manufacturing is revolutionizing the warehouse management sector. According to a PWC report, 23% of AI is being used in product development and engineering, 20% in order management, and 20% in maintenance and logistics. It shows how drastically the impact of AI in manufacturing is increasing with automated warehouse operations with improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • Smart Factories
  • The AI impact on manufacturing is seen in smart factories in which the communication mechanism and interconnection of the machines are quite powerful. The smart factories use AI solutions-enabled software from expert agencies like BoTree Technologies. ML and AI automate the process by deploying smart data analytics to streamline production.
  • Digital Twins
  • One of the popular AI and ML use cases in manufacturing is Digital Twins, which helps to get an insight into smart sensors’ work. With the aid of digital twins, enterprises can get important alerts about maintenance, inspection, availability of products, etc.
  • For example, the sensors attached to the airplane’s engine will transmit the data to its digital twin when the plane lands or takes off. This critical information about the engine’s performance will be transmitted to the manufacturer. It will help the airline to conduct simulations for developing robust airplane engines.
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • To empower manufacturing companies, autonomous vehicles are used by large companies like Porsche to automate everything. Even the manufacturing of autonomous vehicles, like cars, ships, etc., will speed up operations and delivery. Autonomous vehicles in the manufacturing industry will soon make up for global sales.
  • Moreover, these vehicles can help track bad road conditions, traffic jams, accidents, etc. You will get real-time information about the routes that will improve your business delivery.

What are some AI Examples Used in the Manufacturing Industry?

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • One of the important AI in manufacturing examples is optimizing the whole supply chain with this technology. It will help increase the transparency and effectiveness of the manufacturing process. The manufacturers can make informed decisions using real-time data collected through various devices. You can schedule your demand and supply gaps using AI manufacturing solutions. It will help you monitor supply chain activities and avoid mishaps.
  • Automated Quality Checks
  • Automated quality check is an example of AI and ML in manufacturing that helps detect even the smallest defects. After the imperfection is spotted, the machine can signal and alert the experts to perfect any product flaws. The integration of AI in manufacturing helps to put the production line in place without any imperfections.
  • Cobots
  • Collaborative Robots or Cobots are the ones that work with humans, and they function as the extra hands for the human force. Machine learning in manufacturing and AI in the manufacturing market helps the Cobots to work on heavy lifting that humans cannot do. These are majorly used in car manufacturing and other heavy vehicle manufacturing industries where Cobots can lift heavy parts. In the meantime, humans can secure the important parts. Moreover, Cobots can also locate large items in any warehouse.
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • By implementing AI manufacturing solutions, the prediction of the production process becomes easier. It gives businesses a competent edge to get all the details from one place. Intel Corporation has deployed predictive maintenance with AI services to streamline its manufacturing workflow. It has pushed the Industry 4.0 concept further by bringing innovation to the manufacturing sector and preventing failures.
  • Optimizing The Process Through AI Assistants
  • With AI applications in manufacturing and ML in manufacturing solutions, process optimization with robotic process tools and advanced analytics enhances production levels. The ML algorithm and AI cognitive assistants help with tireless and effective monitoring 24*7. Siemens is using cognitive assistants to monitor product performance and identify quality issues. It helps to improve their product’s performance.

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