How the best HR practices are impacted by technology?


Qualitative decisions are history already. Be it the process of recruitment /selection or performance management, software’s are able to provide real insights to make decisions. Human resource management process has not only shortened but is also becoming accurate. Complex algorithms have replaced humans and are capable of taking decisions at a faster rate. This replacement multiplies the importance of HR practices and allows HR to concentrate on core processes to build a profitable business.


Growing expectations of employees for learning new things have increased. The learning curve for employees has to be improved through agile HR practices to match the pace of technological change. Along with the product life cycle, the skill cycle curve is shrinking at a faster rate. They need to understand the growing needs of employees and provide them with requisite skills for the future.


As there is a standardization of products, it might not be surprising to expect a global work culture. A uniform code of conduct in all organizations who are willing to work globally. Standardization of work norms throughout the globe and employees demanding affiliation to such organizations.


Recent pandemic has focused the best HR practices on policy making in case of remote working. Virtual offices will be the norm with employees working from different parts of the globe. Considering the culture, work norms and government regulations of countries; policies will be framed to instil the culture of the organization. Ownership of work will be challenging due to virtual communication and the companies with the best HR practices will see more employee engagement.


Careers may drift drastically due to technology. Foreseeing the future, they need to anticipate career options for employees who are bound to change frequently. Varied options alongside different arenas will be possible; Human resource management functions will now have to take a lead and help employees in decision-making process.


Training and skilling targets might become the norm of the industry. A business will only prosper through skilling and being change agents. It is the HR professional who has to prepare the employees for multiple roles & skills in specific deadlines for a profitable business. For this, they need to envision the future to prepare skill sets.

Importance of best HR practices must not be underestimated

Analysing the market, information and business needs, human resource management function needs to prepare well in advance the employees for the new changes. It is they who are expected to envision the future and show it to others. HR’s role is now redefined from traditional report-making and cost-incurring department to informatic-strategic-machine interface partner that employs the best agile HR practices.

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