React Native Development: Why Migrate from Flutter, Ionic & others

Why Flutter and Ionic?

Flutter and Ionic both are cross-platform app development frameworks. Let’s look at these cross-platform mobile platforms comparison and what made them good in the first place.

Benefits of Migrating to React Native App Development

React Native is a powerful cross-platform app development framework. The framework enables react native developers to build quick native-looking web and mobile applications. React Native applications are built with multi-platform UI components through JSX, which are then rendered to native code and converted into Android view and iOS view.

Some of the benefits of React Native app development include:-

React Native development services provide you with inexpensive native applications that you can build quickly. Companies like Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, UberEats, Bloomberg, and several others utilize the React native platform to build world-class applications.

React Native Development: Five Reasons to Migrate

While Flutter, Ionic, and React Native are considered the best cross-platform development tools, they have major differences as we learned above. React Native development is gaining popularity with each day as developers look for a simpler and better alternative to Flutter and Ionic.

A few reasons you should migrate to React native app development include:-

1. You need an application for Android or iOS

One of the primary reasons to migrate to react native development is when you have an Android application, and you want an iOS app or vice versa. React native enables cross-platform application development, enabling you to build an application for iOS with the same codebase you used for Android.

2. You want a single app development team

If you want a single app development team, React Native development services are the way to go. It allows you to hire a single team for building both Android and iOS applications. While Android required dedicated Android, Java, or Kotlin engineers, iOS apps required dedicated SWIFT or Objective C developers.

3. You need the same functionality for both platforms

If you have already built an application for say, Android, and you want the same functionality for iOS, then React Native development is your best bet. It is extremely easy to use the same components in React Native for both iOS and Android applications.

4. You want faster mobile application development

React Native app development is known for providing exceptional productivity during development. Since developers are using the same codebase for developing cross-platform applications, they can build faster applications and provide more time-to-market the product.

5. You want quick application updates

Once again, it takes a lot of time to push updates separately to both the Android Play Store and the App Store. When updates are released, the review process takes time. With React native development services, you can get applications that directly push updates to both the app stores.

React Native Application Development is the Future

React native framework is a highly-evolved cross-platform app development framework. It allows developers to reduce the complexities in coding. The future requires convenient application development that can quickly reach the market. React Native applications are the answer to that requirement.

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