Ruby on Rails by the Numbers: Why Choose for App Development?

5 min readJun 24, 2021
Ruby on Rails for App Development

Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework. Also known as the “startup technology,” the Ruby on Rails framework powers over 3.8 million websites. In the top 1 million websites, the Ruby on Rails framework for software development is the base for 20,958 websites.

In the top 10,000 websites on the Internet, there are 928 websites using RoR. The rise in Ruby on Rails popularity is growing again as companies want digital applications at an affordable price. Ruby on Rails is the 20th most popular framework for building web applications. In May 2021, its base programming language, Ruby, stood at the 11th position in TIOBE’s monthly index of the top programming languages.

Most users appreciate the high Ruby on Rails performance. It is fast, powerful, and has a vast library of RubyGems that make development easier. In 2004, Ruby won the programming language of the year award and since then Rails has grown in popularity all over the world.

This article will focus on highlighting the numbers that prove the prowess of Ruby on Rails. It will address why enterprises choose the Ruby on Rails framework for web development. The supporting statistics and data will confirm why Ruby is so popular and why Rails is the first choice of technology for web development.

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Ruby on Rails Framework for App Development

The robust web development framework is a popular choice by some of the world’s biggest giants. Companies like Shopify, GitHub, Basecamp, Crunchbase, Dribble, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Fiverr, amongst several others use the framework in their technology stack. Here are 5 more popular websites using RoR as their backend technology –


Ruby on Rails 7 is yet to be announced, but the future seems bright for the framework. Rails 6 has already taken over the world of web development by storm. Companies now hire Ruby on Rails developers to reap the benefits of the technology as they grow their business.

This leads us to the fact that Ruby on Rails is a robust technology for enterprise application development. It is a powerful yet easy-to-use framework that works on two popular philosophies — Convention Over Configuration(where a standard structure is already set up for the development environment) and Don’t Repeat Yourself or DRY (where there’s no need to write code again and again due to reusable components).

What is Ruby on Rails Used for?

The Ruby on Rails framework for web development has multiple uses. It is a diverse framework that has a lot of utility in different industries. From building financial applications to healthcare portals, companies are proving Ruby on Rails’ performance to be true in various sectors.

Here’s a market share diversification of Ruby on Rails in multiple areas –

Source: SimilarTech

Ruby on Rails has an active community of 5000+ developers on GitHub. The massive repository offers support for everything related to Rails. Developers are available to work on different projects, and there are a plethora of tutorials available for any problems that teams face in a project.

Why is Ruby on Rails so Popular?

There are various reasons companies use Ruby on Rails. Probably the biggest one could be familiarity. Since its launch in August 2004, the framework has matured enough. However, companies still prefer to use it because a Ruby on Rails roadmap gets the job done much quicker than other frameworks.

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Here’s why Ruby on Rails is so popular even with modern-day companies –

  • Simplicity
    Ruby on Rails’ popularity grew because of its simplicity. Developers can easily write, read, and edit code. Execution is fast and the interface is simple. The programming language, Ruby, has a syntax similar to that of the English language. Therefore, it is easier to write code and fix errors.
  • Scalability
    Known for its scalable features, Rails can handle massive amounts of traffic. Websites like Shopify, which claim to have over 1.5 million users, run on Ruby on Rails without any problem. The framework is powerful and has the right integration to handle the heavy traffic load.
  • Third-party integrations
    Ruby on Rails is known for its powerful RubyGems. They are integrations that simplify coding and enable developers to add features without writing the code from scratch. There is a RubyGem for almost everything — payment gateway, automated testing, and much more.
  • Rapid application development
    You can hire Ruby on Rails developers and reduce the application development time by 25% to 40%. Since there are reusable components and RubyGems, the development time is minimized. Therefore, startups use the framework primarily for building MVP and then improving upon them.
  • Affordable framework
    Enterprises love the Ruby on Rails framework because it is highly affordable. Hire Ruby on Rails developers for a lower cost than any other technology. Since development is fast, the per-hour cost for application development is also low. It is affordable and enables companies to achieve a competitive advantage.

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Bottom Line

Ruby was among the top 10 highest paid programming languages in 2020. It stood at number 6, closely behind Elixir. The programming language paid an average of $75k per developer. Therefore, there’s going to be an increase in demand in the coming years as companies want to achieve digital transformation but at an affordable cost.

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