Software Development in 2022: What Should You know?

In 2021, the global spending on enterprise software was estimated at $605 billion, a growth of 14.36% from the previous year. The digitization efforts of companies became a primary driver to focus on custom software development.

Software development has taken a new direction in 2021, which is expected to continue in 2022 and beyond. Distributed teams have become the norm. Companies are hiring engineers spread across different geographical locations. It has given them the freedom and flexibility to hire top-notch talent for custom software development services without having them relocate.

Software development processes are also undergoing certain changes. While methodologies are changing (switching from waterfall and others to agile), process re-engineering is also rising. Software has now become domain-focused, leading to higher specialization.

Faster prototyping is something every software development services company is embracing. The need to quickly release better versions of a software is a key driver to deliver a competitive advantage. Trends keep on changing as the industry moves towards a fast-paced consumer that wants upgrades on a regular basis.

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What are the Software Development Trends for 2022?

Software trends are constantly evolving. The significant changes in the software development landscape are much more than enterprise software. Today, data and analytics are becoming the core theme of software development.

Source: Comptia

Software products are more about the programming languages and the technology stack. The trends include new advances, integrations, processes and methodologies.

Here are the top software development trends that will become prominent in 2022:

Software experience
The different software development process models now focus on product quality — i.e. the user experience. More focus will be on how to help users navigate through the software applications. Companies must now deliver delight rather than just satisfaction when it comes to user experience. With mobile and web combined, a responsive user experience is key in 2022.

Privacy and security
Another trend that we are looking at this year in custom application development solutions is that of cybersecurity. Privacy is becoming one of the top priorities of companies in any industry. Risk analysis, cyber analytics, disaster management, etc., are areas where companies will increase their focus. As more and more data becomes available, security becomes imminent.

The growth of Python
Python quickly became the #1 most popular programming language used worldwide. Enterprises must consider Python in their technology stack due to the diverseness it provides during the software development process. The programming language has applications in web development, data science, Machine Learning & AI, GUI apps, game development, and much more.

Upgraded infrastructure
With the pandemic, cloud computing and cloud-native took center stage as remote work became available. Networking and cloud infrastructure became crucial and will continue to be so in the long term. Companies must switch to the cloud to reap the benefits of effective streamlining of operations without incurring extra costs for outsourcing software development services.

Source: Comptia

Blockchain & De-Fi
Last but not least, one of the biggest trends in software development services will be the integration of blockchain technology. As more and more companies become interested in decentralization, blockchain will take the front stage. Decentralized Finance will also enable companies to launch their FinTech services and become prominent players in the financial industry.

These were the leading trends that will shape the software development industry in 2022 and the coming years. However, there are methodologies and processes in software development that are gaining much traction.

Let’s have a look at them.

What are the Best Software Development Process Models for 2022?

Software development models are a common set of frameworks and principles that companies and developers follow to build products. Methodologies, processes, structures come under models.

Here are the best methodologies for the software development process in software engineering:

The integration of development and operations is not new — but enterprises have recently become interested in it. DevOps is a methodology that provides better quality products by connecting the development teams indirectly with the final user and stakeholders.

The high efficiency and faster prototyping are the biggest benefits of DevOps. The product quality improves drastically because modifications in the software solutions are specific and delivered within a timeframe.

A buzzword today, agile is a methodology that provides a framework to be flexible, fast, and efficient. The primary focus is team collaboration and eliminating redundancies in the process of developing custom enterprise software to solutions. The method follows sprints of 2–4 weeks with continuous product iterations, which lead to a high-quality product.

A big advantage of agile is that it allows us to address issues in software development early in the process. Developers can save a lot of time by solving these problems early on rather than waiting for them to resolve later.

Today, every custom software development company is talking about lean principles. They want to eliminate the redundancies and processes that lead to wastage. The focus is to keep on improving the product while moving towards an ideal goal that the client wants to achieve.

Lean ensures that developers don’t waste time on unnecessary features and coding elements that only eat up more energy. The goal of lean is to help the team coordinate properly and work efficiently and effectively on each aspect of the software product.

Software Development: Looking at 2022 and beyond

When we talk about software development tools, Artificial Intelligence will become an important & inevitable part of them. Since there is so much interplay of data and digitization, ML and AI will gain a major portion of the market.

Automated governance and compliance will also become a key theme in software development. AI bots will assist with automated code testing and match compliance as teams focus on writing better quality code.

Low-code development is increasing in popularity and will continue to rise. Software development services in low-code/no-code seem to become a priority as companies want to quickly launch their products to the market.

Apart from these, the software development industry will go through more dynamic changes as companies move towards digitization. It would be interesting to see what new advancements are there in programming and technology.

Originally published at on January 4, 2022.




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Leading software development company in the USA, Singapore & India. Hire developers to build web apps with expert software development services.

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