Top 10 AI Companies Promoting Transformation in the Tech

6 min readAug 23, 2022
top ai companies promoting transformation in the tech

Essentially Artificial Intelligence refers to the human-like behavior displayed by machines. The technology tries to simulate intelligent behavior in machines. In AI, the systems are programmed to replicate human behavior using extensive data from past examples of similar behavior.

Artificial Intelligence solution providers use AI to train machines that mimic human activity in performing tasks. It assists businesses across industries in automating routine activities through machine learning solutions.

AI services help companies in reducing their cost and time and thus help in achieving high-level efficiency. Moreover, it provides innovative features like a 24*7 customer service Chatbot.

AI technology has become an everyday reality. As a result, investment in AI companies has continued to boom. As per IDC, The investment is expected to increase further to US$500 billion by 2024. In addition, PwC predicts that the contribution of AI to the global economy will be around US$15.7 trillion by 2030.

Of Late, the pace of change in the AI industry has increased. The recent development in algorithms, digital data sets, and better computing due to increased processing power and reduced cost has created a significant positive impact on a new breed of AI technology companies.

AI is also becoming the basic course for enterprises to accomplish their digital transformation process. AI technology has multiple uses and helps optimize efficiency and insight in almost any business process, from customer service operations and physical and cybersecurity systems to R&D functions and business analytics processes.

There are loads of startups in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Such companies are offering their services in the sectors such as data science, deep learning, healthcare, and more. The blog covers a list of leading Artificial Intelligence companies transforming the tech space.

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Top AI Companies which are Transforming the Technology

  1. BoTree Technologies:
  • BoTree Technologies is a trusted software development company that provides scalable and secure IT solutions to clients and assists them in their digital transformation.
  • The company is amongst the best AI development companies in India. Its scope of service includes AI solutions such as predictive and data analysis, AI machine learning applications, and enhancing user experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence is now a requirement for organizations stepping into digital transformation. BoTree helps its clients achieve their transformation objectives with the help of the latest technology stack, which includes Sagemaker, Linux Utility, Facebook Detectron2, and more.
  • In addition, they have comprehensive industry experience in serving clients in over 10+ industries.

2. Tntra:

  • Tntra spearheads a dynamic Global Innovation Ecosystem, specializing in crafting and deploying cutting-edge software products for AI companies at the forefront of technological transformation. Their core offerings encompass robust Engineering Services, an avant-garde Academy shaping Future-of-Work skills, a streamlined Enterprise Platform for innovation delivery, a visionary Incubator program, and a strategic Ventures Fund.
  • Tntra’s prowess in engineering empowers AI-driven enterprises to lead in technology, unlocking their full potential. Beyond engineering, Tntra provides the transformative Gurukula Academy and Enterprise Platform (Yntra), fostering innovation and collaboration within a supportive ecosystem. Operating globally, including key regions like the US, EU, India and GCC, Singapore and Asia Pacific, and Japan, Tntra is uniquely positioned to fuel the growth and transformation of AI companies.
  • Their extensive network of domain experts and technology partners ensures tailored solutions for diverse industry verticals, including the dynamic realms of AI, FinTech, HealthTech, and the New Economy.

3. Adobe:

  • Adobe is an enterprise software development company which develops products to help businesses create, edit, share, scan, and sign digital documents and thus communicate and collaborate securely across devices.
  • It has developed many famous applications such as Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro.
  • A part of Adobe’s portfolio is the “Sensei” AI technology. The image editing filters use an advanced form of machine learning known as generative adversarial networks. It lets them perform feats such as rendering parts of a face that weren’t initially available as you edit a portrait.

4. Eightfold:

  • Eightfold is an Artificial Intelligence development company focusing on creating platforms for managing talent.
  • They provide AI-based platforms that transform how one hires, retains, and grows a diverse global workforce. In addition, modern large-scale organizations can use such platforms for upskilling the employee’s skills.
  • The talent intelligence suite products include talent acquisition, talent management, talent flex, and workforce exchange.

5. IBM:

  • IBM provides AI consulting services to help businesses implement the data-first strategy. In addition, such services help organizations make good use of their database.
  • The Watson platform of IBM is aimed at helping organizations with their digital transformation efforts with the help of its Artificial intelligence experts. The open and multi-cloud platform will help you with automating the AI lifecycle.
  • The platform provides pre-built enterprise applications to help you build powerful models from scratch.

6. Cloudminds:

  • It is one of the fastest growing AI companies. Established in 2015, the company works on creating and operating an complete open end cloud robot systems that are offered as a service for managing smart robots.
  • The company has AI capabilities such as NLP, Computer Vision, Navigation, and vision-controlled manipulation. It can also operate many types of robots simultaneously, including reception, security, and humanoid robots.

7. DataRobot:

  • DataRobot is among the AI development companies that provide an enterprise with Artificial Intelligence platforms that can automate the entire data science process.
  • The company provides the products of automated machine learning, automated time series, and MLOps.Through these offerings, DataRobot can deliver accurate details at scale.
  • In addition, it can serve businesses of any size.

8. Darktrace:

  • It is an IT company that focuses on cyber-defense. The company has a self-learning AI that defends against cyberattacks by forming an understanding of an organization’s machines, processes, and people. The AI software springs into action when it detects signs of abnormality.
  • In May 2021, it declared a critical partnership that brings its security measures to users of the Microsoft 365 suite. In addition, to stay ahead of threats, the AI developers at Darktrace have doubled their research team efforts and size.

9. InData Labs:

  • It is a data science company focusing heavily on AI and Big Data. In addition, the company provides consulting services related to AI and Big Data to businesses of all sizes through its AI-powered product development efforts.
  • InData has expertise in services such as AI and Big Data, Data Science, Data Capture and OCR, Machine learning, Predictive Analytics, and Deep Learning, NLP.
  • The company provides custom AI-based solutions development from scratch. In addition, it provides enhancements for existing AI and Big Data solutions.

10. Feedzai:

  • Feedzai is an Artificial Intelligence services company that offers end-to-end protection from fraud and financial crime risks. It has global clients from retail, fintech, and many more with multiple AI solutions such as anti-money laundering, transaction fraud, watchlist screening, and many more.
  • The organization is a market leader in combating financial crime by leveraging artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning.

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AI startup companies provide various technologies like Automation, Machine Learning, NLP, Robotics, Self-driving cars, Machine vision, etc. In modern times there is virtually no business or institutional scenario without the involvement of AI.

The scope of AI has enhanced to being utilized at micro levels in organizations. As a result, various Artificial Intelligence solutions companies are providing best-in-class specialized solutions to meet the market’s specific needs.

If you are also interested in AI solutions and searching for ‘AI companies near me’ on Google, the abovementioned list will undoubtedly benefit you.

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