Top 10 Software Product Engineering Companies in 2022

6 min readJun 29, 2022
Top 10 Software Product Engineering Companies

Enterprise software product engineering services are being adopted by many enterprises globally. Startups and large organizations feel the benefits of the development pursuit. In addition, there has been a massive surge in demand for such services due to automation attempts to process and rationalize workflows to enhance productivity.

According to Teachahead, the global business software market had an estimated value of over US $390 billion in 2020. It is estimated that this figure is estimated to foresee a stark growth of 11% annually till 2028.

In today’s era, if the business wants to survive and grow, they need to procure the services of a software development company that can provide future-proof and innovative product engineering services. The ultimate goal should be to have a product that can survive all future disruptions while helping you maintain competitiveness in the market.

With a bundle of enterprise software development company claiming to be amongst the world’s most outstanding development companies, finding the correct partner for yourself can become challenging.

With many companies claiming their greatness in the field of software development, it can be confusing to find the right match that suits your organization the best. To help you find a software development company that can assist you with strategically designing, developing, and deploying software products, we have compiled a list of some software product engineering companies in 2022.

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Top 10 Most Popular Software Product Engineering Companies

After conducting the research, here is a list of some of the top software product engineering technologists around the world that can help you with their breakthrough services.

  1. BoTree Technologies:
  • BoTree is a trusted software product engineering services company that provides scalable and secure IT solutions to clients and helps them in their digital transformation.
  • BoTree is into software product engineering development, providing the suitable systems to achieve business objectives quickly. Its scope of service includes custom software development, IT software consulting, enterprise app development, offshore development, dedicated development teams, and maintenance and support.
  • The company also claims expertise in technology stacks such as Larval, JAVA, AWS, and more. In addition, they have comprehensive industry experience of serving clients in over 10+ industries.

2. Tntra

  • Tntra is at the forefront of shaping a dynamic Global Innovation Ecosystem specializing in software product engineering. They offer an array of services, including cutting-edge Engineering Solutions, an avant-garde Academy honing Future-of-Work skills, an Enterprise Platform for agile innovation delivery, a dedicated Incubator program, and a Ventures Fund.
  • Their core lies in empowering businesses with software product engineering expertise, enabling them to lead the technology landscape and realize their maximum potential. Beyond engineering, Tntra integrates the Gurukula Academy and Tntra Enterprise Platform (Yntra) to nurture innovation, fostering a collaborative environment for enterprises, universities, and government agencies.
  • Operating globally across pivotal regions such as the US, EU, India and GCC, Singapore and Asia Pacific, and Japan, Tntra’s unique Global Innovation Ecosystem is strategically poised to support businesses in various sectors and scales. With a vast network of domain experts and premier technology partners, they specialize in catering to diverse industry verticals, particularly excelling in software product engineering across FinTech, HealthTech, IoT, Supply-Chain, and the New Economy.

3. Cognizant:

  • The software product engineering consulting is in the business of making the most of contemporary technology and infrastructure. They assist organizations in managing and organizing software development efforts to improve security, support, and growth.
  • Cognizant assists in delivering your digital transformation promises by ensuring you have access to all the IT infrastructure without leaving significant legacy systems behind.

4. TechMahindra:

  • Based out of Pune in India, it is an organization that uses its high-end knowledge, agile techniques, and domain-specific standards. The company provides product engineering consulting to help clients maintain software solutions that work indefinitely across various mobile, desktop, and cloud platforms.
  • TechMahindra is a detail-oriented and digitally ready company that has worked with several startups, ISV’s and other businesses globally.

5. HTD Health:

  • The company is focused on providing software engineering services to healthcare clients. They have expertise in building innovative, user-friendly virtual care platforms to help clients enhance their capability to extend healthcare services in the target market.
  • HTD Healthcare helps clients by developing innovative and user-friendly custom software that provides an excellent virtual care experience and pushes the healthcare industry forward.
  • The team at HTD also works on healthcare SaaS products, SaMD software development, SMART on FHIR development, EMR augmentation, predictive tools, and health informatics. In addition, Exos, a sister company of HTD, offers HIPAA compliance support for distributed teams.

6. Techahead:

  • Techahead has a group of passionate programmers on board who like to engineer clients’ digital products. The team has sharp human-centric design and commercial acumen to ensure the product reaches its ultimate objective of being user-friendly and offering a seamless experience.
  • Over 12 years, they have successfully worked with clients like AXA, Disney, Audi, Allianz, and more. This ensures that you will get a result-oriented experienced team that will help you achieve constant success.

7. HCL Technologies:

  • HCL has experience working with customers and knows how to complement its product engineering efforts by aiding the early adoption of future-ready digital solutions, providing capabilities and talent at scale, and adopting and implementing best practices from different industries.
  • The product engineering services cover the entire spectrum of software product engineering solutions. Apart from helping customers in new product development, HCL also partners with them in re-engineering their products to meet market demands regarding cost, features, and performance.

8. Fingent:

  • It is a full-scale software product engineering services company that offers high-quality service to meet the product development needs of the clients.
  • Fingent provides all types of end-to-end consultation, prototyping, app development, technology re-engineering, product support, and all product engineering services that may help the client to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

9. Capgemini:

  • It is a strategic software product engineering services provider which has the required knowledge and background to assist businesses in creating future-proof software.
  • The firm has an organized process of assessing the client company’s strengths, challenges, and weak areas. It then applies strategies to minimize disruption, reduce costs, and enhance speed.
  • Capgemini also has experience in cloud migration projects and has helped many clients receive returns on their cloud investments.

10. Saigon Technology:

  • Based out of Vietnam, the company is listed among the 15 best agile software outsourcing companies in 2019–2021 by The Vietnam Software Association. The company focuses on e-finance, e-business, logistics, transportation, healthcare, media, etc.
  • They focus on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to their clients. They mainly work on custom application development, web application development, and mobile application development.

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Wrapping Up: Which is the best company for you?

If you wish to initiate the digital transformation journey for your organization, you must do it at once.

As per findlay, by 2030, 45 million people worldwide will be working as software engineers. This means there already are a plethora of options to choose from. Unfortunately, this means that selecting a development partner will be a harrowing experience.

But it would help if you did what you had to do. So always start with identifying your needs after a critical discussion with all the stakeholders.

The blog was written after researching various top software product engineering companies. Therefore the hope is that it should help you decide which product engineering company you must shortlist for the final round of conversation to discuss price, timelines, project management practices, communication strategy, and more.

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