Top 15 RPA Development Companies you should know

5 min readOct 5, 2020

Robotic Process Automation is becoming a popular technology for digital transformation. Today, RPA software companies are in huge demand as organizations want to automate mundane operations that are eating up their productivity.

In this article, we will provide a list of top 15 RPA companies that are working in the automation field and assisting in the implementation of RPA solutions. These RPA consulting companies provide RPA development and custom solutions for automating processes to maximize your operational efficiency.

Top 15 Robotic Process Automation companies

Following is a list of companies using robotic process automation that are leading the industry with custom automation solutions:-

  1. BoTree Technologies
    One of the top RPA companies in India and the US, BoTree Technologies has a team of 25+ certified RPA experts who offer end-to-end RPA services. It is one of the 15 top providers for Robotic Process Automation that works with advanced automation tools like Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, and UiPath to automate operations. The company offers SAP Automation, salesforce automation, Excel automation, invoice automation, report & email automation, and web & API automation.
  2. Happiest Minds
    A top RPA development company like BoTree Technologies, Happiest Minds is known for providing RPA consulting with innovative ideas. The company offers complete solutions for building a digital workforce. It also provides services like Machine Learning, AI, and much more. They are one of the top 15 RPA companies founded in India and serving clients across the globe.
  3. Fingent
    The company is a top-notch RPA development company with more than 300 employees assisting organizations worldwide. It has served some of the Fortune 500 companies, emerging start-ups and MNCs. Amongst the leading RPA software companies, Fingent holds good experience and expertise in implementing RPA solutions for various operations. It offers solutions for both mobile and web platforms.
  4. Valuecoders
    Valuecoders has 16+ years of experience in the industry and is one of the most professional RPA consulting companies in the world. Its service offerings include RPA consulting, intelligent automation, bot development, CoE configuration, and automation support. While talking about the top RPA companies in India, Valuecoders is a name that definitely resonates with professionals.
  5. KellonTech
    KellonTech is one of the best RPA implementation companies with a dedicated Centre of Excellence for automation. They offer game-changing, end-to-end RPA automation solutions through a structured approach to work. As one of the 15 top providers for Robotic Process Automation, the company works with all the best tools like UiPath, BluePrism, and Automation Anywhere to automate organizational operations.
  6. Codoid
    Standing amongst the top 10 in the list of RPA companies, Codoid is a great example of an emerging company that has quickly become a leader in automation. With a team of more than 100 technical experts, the company uses innovative solutions to automate business processes. With operations from the US and India, it has developed a good customer base of RPA implementation companies across the world.
  7. Quantum IT innovation
    Serving over 1000+ clients worldwide, Quantum IT innovation comes in the top Robotic Process Automation companies for business process automation. They combined AI and Machine Learning to deliver innovative automation solutions. The company also offers data visualization, business intelligence, data science, and other services for complete automation solutions. They have served clients in healthcare, e-commerce, banking, education, and more.
  8. Chatbot.Studio
    One of the leading RPA companies in USA and India, Chatbot.Studio offers complete automation solutions using UiPath automation tool. It is a conversation design company that builds new communication channels and automates your business processes. They help in creating custom chatbots as well and combine the RPA capabilities to deliver a holistic solution for serving the customers.
  9. Lekab
    Serving Sweden and Finland primarily, Lekab is one of the leading RPA consulting companies that builds custom RPA solutions for organizations. The company is known for developing solutions that interact with all ERP systems. Their team of 11–50 technical experts work with your organization for end-to-end automation solutions. They also focus on digital transformation, real-time communication, and RPA process and implementation.
  10. 10xDS
    When you are searching top RPA companies in India, 10xDS is a name that will surely come in the top 10. The company provides automation solutions to industries like banking, insurance, telecom, healthcare, retail, logistics, and many more. From invoice processing to IT operations, 10xDS is an RPA development company building RPA solutions for a wide variety of business processes. It is a technology partner of RPA providers like Automation Anywhere, UiPath, BluePrism, AWS and Microsoft.
  11. Narola Infotech
    Another one of the top 15 RPA companies, Naroal Infotech, was founded in 2005 and has served over 500+ clients since its inception. It is a trusted provider of RPA services in the US and India. The company developers high-end tools for process automation that deliver superior performance. The company is known for its flexible approach towards RPA implementation and is regarded as a top-notch RPA development company in the world.
  12. Accubits
    In the list of RPA companies, Accubits is a familiar name. The company offers data-driven RPA development services to future-proof businesses. It has served some of the leading government organizations, startups, and even Fortune 1000 companies. While the company is headquartered in the US, it has offices in India, Singapore, Hongkong, Canada, Australia, Norway, Indonesia, and Switzerland.
  13. ViitorCloud
    The company is a leader in the application of innovative technology solutions like RPA, AI, IoT, and many more. It is a professional RPA development company that has served 80+ clients in 30+ countries across the world. The company has delivered more than 400 projects in just the last 5 years. It has complete expertise as one of the top RPA implementation companies that are emerging as a leader in the industry.
  14. CiGen
    CiGen is known as one of those RPA consulting companies that provide intelligent automation services. It is a dedicated Robotic Process Automation development company headquartered in Australia, which has served clients all over the world. The company is ushering quickly n the RPA filed by enabling enterprises to develop a virtual workforce that can maximize their productivity in carrying out business operations.
  15. Oncetto Labs
    One of the top 15 RPA companies in the world, Oncetto Labs offers RPA developers with over 5 years of experience in the industry. They have a dedicated team of experts who have worked with global clients and offered excellent RPA solutions. As an RPA development company, Oncetto Labs is well-versed in building dynamic automation solutions and implementing RPA tools like Automation Anywhere RPA , RPA UiPath, and BluePrism RPA.

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