Top 7 Major Benefits of mCommerce App for Business

If there are 5.2 billion unique mobile users in the world today — guess where most of your customers are?

Every 12 months, an average of approx. 100 million new mobile users are added to the existing database. Even if you target only a percentage of that population — your customer base will increase rapidly.

So if you still haven’t tried m-Commerce yet, it’s the right time to capitalize on the opportunity that COVID-19 presents for mobile shopping.

“Safety first” is the priority for shoppers. They don’t want to visit stores and thus, resort to online channels for shopping. Opening up a laptop and then visiting a store is a hassle. What else remains?

m-Commerce applications are increasingly becoming the best companion of shoppers today. Everyone wants convenience, and mobile shopping gives it to them. Mobile commerce platforms allow people to purchase their preferred products at the tap of a thumb.

A Smartphone is the closest device to most people — if you want to get closer to your audience and increase your customer base, then an m commerce application is your best bet. Mobile application development services are on the rise majorly in the m-commerce sector.

If your m-commerce app can deliver the desired user experience — you’d have most of the customers in your industry. Mobile shopping is multiplying each day, and you should reap the benefits as quickly as possible.

In this article, you’ll learn the 7 key benefits of an m commerce application for your business. Once you have a thorough understanding, you can hire an ecommerce website development company and get started with your mobile commerce platform.

7 benefits of mCommerce for all Businesses

Talk to any Spree or Shopify app development company, and it will suggest that you get a mobile application to reach more customers. Not only can you sell better, but you can also promote your business.

eCommerce and M-Commerce are both trending — but mobile devices are here to stay. People are moving from desktops to laptops to tablets and then to mobile devices — which are here to stay. So it makes sense that you reap the advantages of Smartphone selling.

Here are the 7 key benefits of mobile commerce applications for your business :

1. Store accessibility

  • You may call it convenience or accessibility — but customers love it when they get products delivered right to their homes. Mobile ecommerce allows customers to go through your products without visiting the store.
  • During the pandemic, most customers quickly access your products without leaving their house. It ensured safety, saved the traveling time, and ultimately reduced their cost of acquiring a product.
  • On top of that, customers can always see what products are available or not — and avoid getting disappointed when they physically visit the store and don’t find the product. M-commerce applications offer the utmost convenience to your audience.

2. Wider reach

  • M-commerce companies can now reach a wider market audience than they ever could through traditional routes. You can promote your app and reach customers in different geographical regions across the globe.
  • There are around 5 billion mobile users — that gives you an edge over competitors who are not using mobile commerce platforms to serve their customers. Anyone can browse your products from anywhere they want.
  • It also entails getting customers in markets that you once thought were not accessible to you. You will save costs on separately targeting every region by physically visiting there.

3. Mobile marketing

  • M-commerce platforms are increasing their marketing budget as they can reach more customers in less amount of time. It is a new marketing channel for businesses that want to target the Smartphone audience.
  • You can provide general information, product features, prices, news feeds, and much more to your target audience.
  • You can also send push notifications that contain offers and discounts. They are an effective way to push your products.

4. Behavior tracking

  • One of the biggest advantages of any mobile commerce platform is behavior tracking. A physical store doesn’t allow you to track what products a consumer likes or dislikes, why he purchased a product, and what led him to buy.
  • Mobile tracking allows you to see what influenced the customer’s decision to purchase. You can gather value data through mobile ecommerce and remarket to those people.
  • It also allows you to forecast trends and understand the purchase patterns of your customers.

5. Better user experience

  • When you compare e-commerce and m-commerce, mobile applications provide a better and smoother user experience to customers. They don’t need to open their laptops or computers to purchase your products. All of that is just a few clicks away.
  • M commerce applications provide quick navigation for your products. They provide a compact view of your store and easily guide the customer to make the purchase decision.
  • Apart from that, making the mobile commerce application interactive is an excellent way to market your store and increase your sales.

6. Personalization

  • The traditional shops focused on providing a similar experience to all their customers. With behavior tracking and customer data, m commerce companies can offer a personalized experience to each and every customer.
  • M commerce apps enable you to send customized messages, offers, etc., to different customers. There are AI-based systems that you can install for product recommendations and offering a personalized experience.
  • Personalization is known to increase sales as customers believe that you care about them and provide the best offer tailored specifically for them.

7. Direct communication

  • Customers and businesses love it when they can directly communicate with each other. With mobile commerce applications, your customers can now connect with you. They can use chat to contact customer service or send a direct message to your local business number.
  • M commerce companies can also push notifications to mobile devices with offers and discounts. They can reach out to their customers and ensure that they are facing no problems with the product.
  • You can also send direct alerts to your audience without intruding on their privacy.

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Bottom line: M-Commerce is the Future of Online Shopping

Mobile commerce platforms offer a great experience to online shoppers. In the wake of the pandemic, many customers want to stay at home and be safe. In such times, m commerce applications are their best companion for online shopping.

You can reap the benefits of mobile commerce but getting a customized store for your business. BoTree Technologies is a leading Shopify and Spree Commerce development company, building high-quality ecommerce stores for businesses of all kinds. Contact us today and start delivering an online shopping experience now!

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