Top .NET Development Skills Companies Look for in Developers

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The technological transformation has introduced immense opportunities for different professionals in the IT sector. The .NET framework introduced by Microsoft is one such field that is expanding rapidly with new updates each year. As per the 2020 Developer Survey, ASP.NET and.NET Core both make their place in the top 10 frameworks as per developers’ choice with 22.9% and 20.3% share respectively.

Source: Most Loved Frameworks in 2019 Survey

The .net developers are amongst the most desired, nifty, and talented within the programming stadium. However, the .NET developer’s world is highly competitive just like other technical professional markets. The organizations that desire to hire .NET professionals have a plethora of candidates to choose from. The net development company looks for a specific skill set in each candidate and therefore a bare minimum knowledge of the framework will not fetch you the desired job.

In this article, we will highlight the skills that web development company looks for in a developer.

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What are the Responsibilities of a .NET Developer

  1. Building user interface
  2. Developing programmers for .NET applications
  3. Assist users with technical assistance
  4. Defining procedures for running applications
  5. Troubleshooting software prototypes

Top 11 skills that a .NET Developer Must Have

  1. Coding: The dot net developers should be able to write codes to allow the software and its applications to perform as intended. Their understanding of the codes can help understand the need to write a new code by utilizing old existing code to save time and resources. While spending time on the prototype, the developers can analyze their code and its performance and also make changes when needed.
  2. Database and SQL Skills: Data dominates the tech industry is a well-known universal truth. The .NET framework is quite compatible with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. A developer when adept with database systems like SQL, adds worth to their portfolio. Thus, both database and data science skills give more edge and should raise the possibility of selection for the .NET job in the asp net web development company.
  3. MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer): The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification is highly demanded by most of the dot net development company. The certificate has a very high value since it comes from Microsoft itself. It requires rectification every two years ensuring that the certified developer is up to date with the updates of the framework. You can apply for the certificate here.
  4. Microsoft MVP(Most Valued Professional): This is another certificate that comes directly from Microsoft and thus has a very high value in the job market. The .net application development companies consider the developers with the same certificate to have good leadership qualities and excellent skill level to manage the project and a team. An individual developer with such skills in the team can help enhance the scalability.
  5. Understanding Client-Side Technologies: An assiduous .NET developer should possess a good understanding of the software needs of the clients. Understanding client-side technologies such as CSS, JAVA, HTML, etc are required to develop web applications and web services in sync with SQL server and secure web apps easily. The .net development services team must know how to write code competently for a functionality and the web market and then deliver client-side web development applications.
  6. .NET MVC (Model View Controller): ASP.NET MVC is spreading like a wildfire in the web development market. It has replaced many legacy systems with itself. As time passes, developers need to focus on it and master this skill. Since this framework can help developers to make beautiful, fast, and secure web applications easily, dotnet development services are going to remain in high demand.
  7. Cost-Effective Budget Design: The development services providers need to adopt cost-effective measures so that the product is delivered to the client within the agreed budget. Before the projects are launched .NET developers may create budgets that determine what resources they need and the extent of the project. During the course of the project, developers must examine their spending behaviors to ensure they aren’t surpassing their budgets. Developers with knowledge of budgeting and finance can ensure that the project stays in the financial limits as set by the upper management.
  8. Problem Solving Skills: Software development company look to bring onboard developers who have the natural ability to understand and analyze the client problem. They must possess the complex yet necessary skills to pave the way to solve the client’s issue in the simplest way possible. After all, this is why the client seeks to acquire .NET application development services. Therefore, the developers need analytical thinking and creativity while using .NET to solve clients’ problems.
  9. Time Management: It helps the developers to complete the task on time as per the agreed date of delivery of the finished product. The developers may also need to manage multiple projects at a time. Therefore, it is very necessary that the developers know how to plan and manage time for each project and task.
  10. Programming Language:

A all-round .NET developer should have deep knowledge of one or multiple programming languages such as:

  • C
  • F#
  • VB.NET

They must also understand database applications and languages such as:

  • SQLServer
  • NoSQL
  • Oracle

11. Unit Testing Framework:

  • Unit testing is considered to be very important in SCRUM and Test-driven production. Major software and c# development company, test the product and each line of the code for finding any bugs in the functionality.
  • As a .NET developer, you must be proficient at unit testing, particularly with the ones that are prevalent for the .NET framework. Developers should also be aware of the use of SpecFlow which is used to automate all the tests in the .NET project.

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In a recent Stackoverflow survey, it was reported that more than 70 per cent of the respondents loved .NET offering in the non-web framework/library space. So, we can surely say that .NET developers are going to stay in high demand. As a potential employer, the dotnet companies must analyse the skills they need before they go out hiring. As a prospective employee, there are numerous opportunities for a dot net developer. However, the only prerequisite is that they must have an optimum mix of theoretical knowledge, technical as well as communication skills.

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