Why Hire a Ruby on Rails Development Company in the USA

Ruby on Rails Development Company in the USA

Ruby on Rails is a powerful web development framework. It is an object-oriented, open-source framework for building rapid web applications. Known as “the startup technology,” Rails reduces the development time by 25% to 40%. That’s why Ruby on Rails software development is the perfect choice for MVP and rapid prototypes.

But what else makes Ruby on Rails framework development stand out? Apart from saving time, the framework also saves money. Since it takes fewer man hours to build an application, the cost comes down significantly. And over 3.9 million websites use Ruby on Rails for web development, including some industry giants.

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Why do these industry leaders use Rails-based applications? Mostly because the framework delivers trusted results. It is reliable and offers more dynamic capabilities than one can imagine. On top of that, a Ruby on Rails development company provides different engagement models, which makes the application development process affordable in the long run.

This article will focus on the few things that make Ruby on Rails good for software solutions. We will explore why it’s the right choice to hire a Ruby on Rails company for web applications. After that, we will highlight the top services that are provided by a Ruby on Rails consulting company.

What Makes Ruby on Rails Good for Web Development?

Well, there are a lot of things. Ruby on Rails is robust and affordable. The framework has everything that takes to build a good web application. It is perfect for building ecommerce apps with Spree, FinTech apps, Healthcare solutions, social networking apps, and more. There’s the feature of automated testing, which enables developers to quickly build applications.

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RubyGems are one of the most admired aspects of Ruby on Rails web development. These are the plugins that save a lot of time in writing code from scratch. There’s a plugin for almost everything — error handling, acceptance test, behavior-driven development, and more. Using these plugins, developers can add functionalities without wasting time on complex coding.

Ruby on Rails is a much faster framework than others like Django, Laravel, and more. The Ruby language has an easy syntax. It is a readable and beginner-friendly programming language. Rails provides a conventional coding environment that doesn’t require developers to configure a lot of things. And because of the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle, coding is simplified.

Let us look at the benefits companies get when they hire Ruby on Rails developers for their web applications.

Why Hire a Ruby on Rails Development Company

Hiring a custom software development company for Ruby on Rails applications is the perfect choice for companies. They provide the right expertise and experience to build web applications. Here are a few reasons why Ruby on Rails development services make sense:

A Rails web development company has a team of dedicated developers who are ready to work solely on single projects. These dedicated developers also act as the in-house team for companies, enabling them to reap the benefits of Rails development.

Most Ruby on Rails companies provide timezone flexible developers. They can undertake projects in any country, matching its timezone. This way, work can be done round the clock as they can start working when the workday ends someplace else.

Any company that works in Ruby on Rails has years of experience and the right expertise to build web applications. There are teams of junior and senior developers who are deployed on different projects at once. When companies hire a Ruby on Rails developer, they can deliver the best expertise due to the experience of working on multiple projects.

Hiring a Rails development company is much more affordable and hiring in-house developers. Why? Because companies have to pay for the project fees and nothing else. There’s no need to pay salaries to developers, benefits & perks, or anything else. All of that will be taken care of by the development company.

Apart from web development, a trusted software company also offers Ruby on Rails upgrade services, migration, new product releases, app maintenance, and more. The diverse portfolio of services saves a lot of time, money, and effort. These services are essential for companies that want to grow their Rails products.

What Services Does a Ruby on Rails Company Provide?

Now that we talked about the diverse services that a Rails company provides, let’s look at them in a little more detail.

Ruby on Rails consulting companies focus on delivering products through the best methodologies, rapid app development, affordable and effortless applications, and more. But they provide Ruby on Rails development services for different industries, domains, and categories.

Here are the prime offerings of a Ruby on Rails development company:

  • CMS development — Complete Ruby on Rails packages for building content management systems to maintain, manage, and control documents and media.
  • Enterprise apps — Enterprise management applications with dashboards, reporting tools, and analytics to help companies better manage their operations.
  • E-commerce stores — Ruby on Rails is known for developing dynamic and engaging e-commerce stores using platforms such as Spree Commerce and more.
  • Ruby on Rails consulting — Consulting services for existing Ruby on Rails products for their design, strategy, delivery methodology, and more.
  • Upgrade & migrationRuby on Rails companies provide migration services to upgrade to the latest version of the frameworks and leverage technical expertise.
  • MVP development — Most Ruby on Rails development companies provide rapid prototypes and MVP development to help startups achieve more time-to-market.

A Ruby on Rails company is the perfect companion for web development in 2021. All the myths surrounding the technology are debunked by developers, experts, and Rails engineers. It is a complete fine web development framework that can save massive amounts of time, money, and resources.

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