Why Should I Choose Python For Web Development?

Why Should I Choose Python For Web Development?

84% of developers use Python as their primary programming language, supported by JavaScript, PHP, HTML/CSS, and TypeScript. Python web development is perfect for enterprise applications that require heavy scaling. Most of all — Python is the language for solutions to complex business needs. Indeed, Python is the most popular programming language by usage share.

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What makes Python app development so unique? Most people agree that is a powerful framework that can meet diverse requirements. Whether it’s an application in the automotive or education industry — Python has the capability to build them all.

Today, most Python developers use JavaScript with the language as their secondary technology. The versatile programming language provides efficient solutions for a wide range of problems. Its simplicity enables even beginner developers to write code and build dynamic applications.

This article will highlight a few reasons why we at BoTree Technologies prefer Python for web development. It will help to develop a better understanding of why companies across the globe are looking for Python-based web development services.

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7 Reasons We Use Python Web Development

Whether it’s database management or security features — Python can build all types of applications. There’s no stone left unturned in Python web development projects. The reasons are simple and effective.

  • Scalable Language

Python is used to build highly scalable apps. Enterprises usually utilize Python web development services to develop apps that can handle massive requests at once. These applications require dealing with hundreds of operations from countless personnel.

Python is easily scalable to a point where there’s no need to worry about adding any functionality. Python developers can easily expand or modify the codebase to add rich features to the existing applications.

  • Development Frameworks

There are tons of Python web development frameworks. Django, Flask, CherryPy, Web2Py, TurboGears, are only a few examples. They are suitable for everything — from building data science applications to developing gaming software. The frameworks have tons of configurations that add dynamism to Python apps.

Python development services often see a high amount of Django use. The reason is that it is capable of building powerful applications. There are hundreds of libraries that work seamlessly with Python and Django for developing dynamic apps.

  • Diverse Use Cases

Most developers admire Python because of its diverse use cases. It is one of the most versatile programming languages that can be used to build almost anything. It delivers high performance in all kinds of applications. Developers are experimenting with Python to understand how they can use it in multiple places.

For example — data science applications mostly use Python. In fact, AI and ML are the biggest sectors that work on the programming language. Web development, coupled with advanced tech, also sees high Python usage.

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  • Easy to Read & Write

Python is a popular programming language, but the advantage is that it is similar to the English language. It is easy to read and write, which makes it beginner-friendly. Developers can join the Python web development projects at any stage and understand what is going on.

On top of that, Python doesn’t require a lot to learn. By learning the basics of the language, they can begin building the programs and applications without any hassle. The use of space instead of special characters is one Python web development example that showcases how simple things are in the language.

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  • Massive Community

Currently, Python has one of the biggest programming communities in the world. Python web development solutions require teams to solve complex problems. These teams often support the massive Python community that provides the right resources and tutorials to build amazing web apps.

The community also takes advantage of the open-source nature of the programming language. Developers often expand the code and make changes that are beneficial for the community as a whole. They also add new features and update the programming language to meet modern development needs.

  • Supported by Giants

The biggest proof of Python’s capability is its credibility. Tech giants like Google, Shopify, Instagram, Netflix, and many others use it in their technology stack. For example — Python powers the recommendation engines for Spotify and Netflix, which works seamlessly to provide a world-class user experience.

Python is often used by such tech giants to build data science-based applications, Machine Learning models, and Artificial Intelligence solutions. Today, many companies prefer Python because the tech companies have proved the worth of the programming language.

  • Data Science Capabilities

As mentioned before, Python is widely used for its data science capabilities. A Python development company can build solutions that have high complexity. For example — many companies use Python in the healthcare industry to diagnose terminal illnesses, find proper treatment plans, and build solutions to connect patients.

Python has numerous libraries like NumPy, SciPy, Keras, TensorFlow, and more that enable developers to build advanced Machine Learning applications. There are libraries for scientific computing, statistical analysis, computation, and more.

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Bottom Line

Python is increasingly becoming the choice of programming language for companies across the globe. A software application development company offering Python development services can build applications with diverse functionalities and features — all possible due to the versatility of Python.

In 2021, Python will become the first choice for enterprise applications. It helps to build scalable solutions that companies can use for a long time. The one-time investment in Python generates returns for years to come.

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